Q: How many phases does Tejuosho have?

A: There are two phases- Phase 1 (Tejuosho Complex) and Phase 2 (Tejuosho Shopping Centre).

Q: Who is the developer?

A: Tejuosho Property & Development Company is the developer of Tejuosho Phase 2

Q: Who is the financier?

A: Zenith Bank as well as private investors financed Tejuosho Phase 2.

Q: Where is Tejuosho Shopping Centre located?

A: We are located directly opposite Diamond Bank on Ojuelegba Road in Yaba (near the railway line)

Q: Where is your Sales Office located and what time are you open from?

A: We are currently located on the 2nd floor of the building, just ask security upon entrance and they will guide you. Our Sales office is open Mon-Fri from 9am – 5pm. If you would like to see the Centre at a time other than this our Sales team would be more than willing to show you around at a time convenient to yourself.

Q: When is the Opening date?

A: We have approximately 3 months before work in the building is completed (this excludes work to some of the major retailers i.e. SPAR, Cash n Carry) We want however to open the Shopping Centre with a minimum of 350 shops ready to trade so this is very much dependent on the individual store owners. We expect the Shopping Centre to be open before 1st Dec.

Q: Why the delay in completion and handing over?

A: The building was built to suit a market, as with all developing countries Shopping Malls have now taken the place of markets. At Tejuosho we are combining the positives of the market place with the aesthetics and convenience of a modern Shopping Mall. To do this we have to combine small stores to make larger stores, we have to make other alterations to the building too. On completion there will be a great mix of both informal and formal retailers which will be of more benefit to consumers and shop owners.

Q: Is the Tejuosho Project a market or a shopping complex? Although it is named Tejuosho Market, the project resembles a Shopping Complex.

A: When complete the Tejuosho Shopping Centre will have the benefits of both a Market and a modern Shopping Mall

Q: Would there be sellers of tomatoes, onions, fish, fresh meat, ugwu, palm oil, rice, beans etc. in this market as what was obtained before?

A: Tejuosho Shopping Centre will sell every conceivable product you can imagine from tomatoes to the latest LED TV Screen, you think it we will have it…

Q: What type of shops/retailers will be at Tejuosho once open?

A:  We will have SPAR as our grocery anchor tenant, a large electronics store, multiple telecoms shops, sports shops, cellphone & gadget stores, cosmetic & textile sellers, fashion stores, gift shops, kids clothing, barbers, hair salons, nail studios, over 18 restaurants, bakeries, cake shops, bridle boutiques, kids play areas, Games arcade, Cinema, all of the major banks, insurance companies, courier services, travel operators, lounge and bar and many more that will make Tejuosho the place to be….

Q: Is there a market section?

A:  Yes we have 342 market stalls called K-Klamps on the outside of the building located within our grounds. This is going to be an exciting area where you will be able to find just about anything you could have in the Old Tejuosho at amazing prices.

Q: What is the current price per square meter for a normal shop?

A:  It is currently set at N600,000.00k per square meter

Q: What is the current price per square meter for eateries/restaurants?

A: Prices vary within our Food court, kindly contact our Sales office for further information

Q: What are the types of shops available, their m2 and current total package?

  1. A: Type A- 10.8sqm = N6, 966,000      Type A2- 21.6sqm = N13, 932,000                                                                                                                                              Type B- 18.0sqm = N11, 610,000 (SOLD OUT)                                                                                                                           Type C- 39.6sqm = N25, 542,000                                                                                                                                         Customized Sizes are available from 32.4, 39.6, 43.2, up to 129.6sqm.

                      Larger sizes can also be accommodated.

Q: Do I get a freehold or leasehold title if I purchase a shop?

  1. A: Each unit receives a 25 years leasehold title.

Q: Does the selling price include registration and legal charges?

A: These are included in the cost of a shop

Q: What are the benefits of acquiring 1 or more stores at Tejuosho?

A: As we are selling/renting shops at Tejuosho in segments (Textiles, Boutique, cosmetics, groceries etc.) once these areas have been totally filled up it will be very difficult to purchase in the area of your choice. It therefore makes sense to plan for future use/expansion and purchase or rent these shops now. The price in future will also increase so best to buy/rent now before any increase.

Q: What steps do I need to take before setting up my shop?

A: Our Tenant Co-ordinator will advise you on what is required (3D Plan of shop, changes to flooring/ceiling/lights, sliding door etc.) Olamide can be contacted on Cell: 08091871712/08063191212 Email:  lamide@tejuoshomarket.com

Q: What are the mortgage plans?

A: We currently have Brent Mortgage Bank and Stanbic offering Mortgage facilities, potential owners are however welcome to apply for a mortgage through their own bank.

Q: What is the facility management plan?

A: All facilities (24hr power, water supply, gas provision, waste management, parking management, security, cleaning etc.) will be managed by DEUX Facility Management.

Q: Please clarify the litigation issues that were reported in the media?

           A: Tejuosho has two phases, Tejuosho phase 1(opposite Oando gas station) and Tejuosho phase 2(closest to the rail way line). Both projects are located side by side but with different architectural designs, different shop sizes, different floor plan/layout, financed, developed and will be managed under different management. Phase 1 is financed by First Bank and developed by Stromberg; with shop sizes ranging 9sqm, 12sqm, 19sqm etc. Phase 2 is financed by Zenith Bank and developed by Tejuosho Property & Development Co. Ltd (TPDC); with shop sizes ranging from 10.8sqm, 18sqm, 39.6sqm, 79.2sqm, 129.6sqm etc. We hereby certify that Phase 2 is not under the same management as Phase 1. Therefore, Tejuosho Ultra-modern Shopping Centre (Phase 2) has no pending litigation matter with any individual or corporate bodies.