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Tejuosho holds a special place in the heart of Lagosians. It’s legacy has endured for many generations. Devastated by fire in 2007, but energised by renewed optimism, we set out to rebuild this icon, preserving its heritage while peering far into the future. Today, Tejuosho rises out of the ashes, regaining its pride of place once again, as the icon of Lagos, to the delight of all.

Expand your business to the heart of Lagos
●Buy from N600,000 per sqm
●Rent from N42,000 per month
Starting up a business? Establish yourself here!
Shops available from 10.8sqm-129.6sqm (Can accommodate larger sizes)


Store Allocation, Design, Fitouts

Started already

Market Stalls now opened

Trading has commenced

Tejuosho Ultramodern

Shopping Centre